Bearing  in mind many aspects, we carry out engineering calculations
in such a way as to minimize the unit cost of your product,
while maintaining the highest hygiene standards.



JM Systems will offer you a Water Treatment Station,
thanks to which you will get the raw material that meets even the most stringent requirements.


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A few words about water ...

The quality of process water in food processing plants has a decisive influence on the microbiology and organoleptic of the finished product. Water as a leading ingredient in the food industry, must meet the requirements for drinking water, but often also should meet additional criteria that result from the type of product, the apparatus used and the method of production. Raw water obtained from the intake usually does not meet the conditions set by the user, therefore processing plants correct its composition.



What does JM Systems offer?

In response to producers needs related to water treatment, JM Systems has in its scope of services process water preparation stations. Considering the quality conditions of the used water, JM Systems will select a treatment program based on mechanical and / or physicochemical methods. For the preparation of process water we can use different variants based on mechanical filtration, degassing as well as softening or demineralization. An important treatment is also iron and manganese removal to eliminate the adverse effect of these elements on the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Considering that most methods of water treatment do not guarantee the microbiological safety of the product,
water disinfection is the last step in the preparation process.
Appropriate bacteriological purity of water is obtained by using chlorination, ozone or UV radiation techniques.


The choice of water treatment technology is directly related to its composition and affects the complexity of the proposed system.

To maintain the obtained water quality status and eliminate secondary contamination,
JM Systems offers storage of prepared water in conditions of increased hygiene, so-called ULTRACLEAN.





We know how to hygienically ensure the acceptance of raw materials in your company
and how to provide optimal conditions for storage of ingredients.

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Reception of raw materials is an essential link in the production chain. The responsibility of each manufacturer should be to create the most favorable conditions for their unloading and storage. The raw material storage process ensures continuity of production and requires appropriate techniques to preserve their durability, primary properties, high microbiological quality and prevent losses as long as possible.


JM Systems is able to offer hygienic internal transport, which is carried out on raw materials, semi-finished products in the production cycle.
We also offer a special technique of storage of ingredients in storage tanks or silos, even in conditions of increased hygiene standards, so-called Ultraclean with the use of inert gases, eliminating atmospheric oxygen.






The implementation of these technological operations seems obvious when in actuality its not.


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The mixing and dosing process is a widely used operation in various industries. The main purpose of these activities is to ensure the uniformity of the mixture, consisting of many raw materials, constituting a strictly defined formulation of the product. In modern plants, the dosing and mixing process takes place mechanically, and in some production lines under aseptic conditions.

Depending on the characteristics of the product and technology, JM Systems will propose the most optimal mixer with process parameters, taking into account structural considerations, physicochemical transformations, heat and mass transfer processes. All this to achieve the intended result of mixing.

In addition to batch mixing, JM Systems offers dissolving and mixing in the flow. In contrast to mechanical mixing, it is carried out continuously. The advantage of this solution is a shorter mixing time and lower power consumption, while achieving the same technological effect as in the case of periodically operated mixers.

The mixing and dosing process can be equipped with special software for feeding ingredients and recipe recording
with an intuitive visualization system that is friendly to the operation of the technological line.





In many cases, to ensure your product health safety and durability, thermal treatment is required.
A lot depends on your requirements and the characteristics of your product.


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Thermal treatment is one of the basic stages of the production process. The destruction of microorganisms as the main assumption of pasteurisation or sterilization depends on many factors. When selecting the right technology, special attention should be paid to: the type and form of bacteria present, product characteristics, its chemical composition, acidity (pH). In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, the effectiveness of the thermal process is also significantly affected by the choice of apparatus and equipment as well as associated components.


JM Systems offers both pasteurizers and product sterilizers in many technical variants, using, among others, plate or tube exchangers with an optimal number of sections, including heat treatment, regeneration and cooling section, and a suitably selected keeper (nazwa popularna). The guarantee of a well-designed thermal process is a perfectly developed positive pressure difference control system on the product side, as well as taking into account the required flow or several nominal flows and other conditions set by the user.

During the engineering of the thermal processing module, special emphasis is placed on the microbiology of the product, hygienic construction, energy recovery in the regeneration section, optimal heat exchange and beneficial handling of the product.
A very important issue in pasteurization and sterilization is the automation of the process, ensuring product safety,
user-friendly service and data archiving.






Knowledge of this issue will ensure the high quality of your finished product.


Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of JM Systems

An innovative concept in the processing and packaging of food, which is aseptic technology, allows you to conduct the production process and storage of the product without the use of preservatives. At the same time it guarantees the production of foods of high nutritional value, preserving its naturalness, excellent taste qualities and extended longevity.


To achieve this goal, the aseptic technology places the highest hygiene requirements through the proper preparation of all surfaces that come in contact with food. Knowledge of the issue supported by extensive experience allows JM Systems to offer aseptic storage module, which is a response to the expectations of today's market. We are ready to prepare storage tanks with a system for cleaning objects and installations, filling and emptying along with the product transfer to the filler.

Innovation of aseptic technology, resulting in a full-blown product also allows for financial and energy savings,
as it makes it possible for the finished product to be stored without the need for cooling.