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Atlantium Technologies Ltd. was established in 2003 to provide the world with safe and sustainable water treatment solutions.

The company's team of scientists and engineers designed an innovative solution based on UV (ultra violet) disinfection, fiber-optics and hydraulics. It takes water safety to levels never before achieved with other UV systems or without chemicals, and provides industry and municipalities with a sustainable, measurable option.

Today Atlantium is a fast-growing private company whose UV systems are field-proven globally with Fortune-500 companies among its loyal customers. Customer service centers are strategically placed to provide immediate, on-going support.

The company's solutions are third party validated to strict US FDA and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations.





Atlantium UV Lamps in Food and Beverage 

Atlantium delivers UV lamps do food industry including beverage, water, beer and milk. Your source water cannot guarantee 100% water biosecurity.

Even if you chlorinate, what about serious chlorine-resistant pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, Pseudomonas & Giardia?

Atlantium UV is your best solution for real water bio-security that meets food safety regulations.

The only UV system validated to EPA 4-log virus

Why is Atlantium UV better than the others?

The latest solutions in UV technology

UV light’s natural disinfection properties have been widely recognized for a long time but manufacturers couldn’t deliver a UV system that guaranteed public health safety.

Atlantium’s revolutionary invention, the Hydro-Optic™ Medium Pressure system, overcame the barriers, and provides a solution that guarantees performance, reliability, UV dose management, and real-time monitoring & control: all the factors that the regulators require to ensure public health safety.


More Disinfection, Less Power


Medium Pressure UV Lamps Give More for Less:
• Gives more disinfection per cm/inch than low pressure lamps
• Broad germicidal spectrum attacks different parts of the microorganism and destroys their repair mechanisms
• There is no danger of microorganism repair that compromises your product later on
• More efficient in virus inactivation
• Easily inactivates microorganisms resistant to other disinfection methods such as chlorine, heat and low-pressure UV
• Uses much less UV energy than low pressure systems in virus inactivation - Adenovirus requires half the dose than with Low Pressure systems
• Works effectively in cold and warm water - unlike Low Pressure UV
• Fewer UV lamps needed
• Fewer lamps means significant maintenance reduction
• In some cases, 2 or 3 Medium Pressure lamps can replace more than 50 Low Pressure lamps



Low Pressure lamps emit one single wavelength (254nm), whereas Medium Pressure lamps emit a broad band of wavelengths all over the germicidal UV areas (200 - 415 nm)



Energy from recycling


Atlantium Uses Fiber-Optic Principles to Recycle UV Photons


Atlantium UV fiber-optic and hydraulic technologies recycle UV light photons and enable uniform UV dose distribution



Optimized UV efficiency

• High-grade quartz water disinfection chamber surrounded by an air block uses fiber-optic principles to recycle light photons.
• UV photons emitted by the lamp cannot penetrate the air block and are repeatedly bounced back into the water (a fiber-optic phenomenon known as Total Internal Reflection [TIR])
• UV light photons are distributed across the entire water volume so that all microorganisms are reached and inactivated

Reduced energy use

• Increased efficiency for each UV photon means that less UV needs to be emitted to achieve the same results
• Less UV means less energy consumption and longer lasting lamps

Optimized hydraulics

• Water flow is synchronized to match the pattern of UV light distribution
• There are no parts, baffles or brushes in the water disinfection chamber to block UV photons from reaching microorganisms, or surfaces that could be subject to biofilms

Uniform dose distribution

Atlantium systems uniformly deliver the same UV dose throughout the water disinfection chamber
The entire volume of water undergoes efficient disinfection and no microbes can escape full treatment

Long light paths for UV photons

• More chances of hitting microorganisms
• Maximum efficiency made of each photon




Thick Quartz Tube, Short Lamp 


Short lamps reduce risk of breakage 
Lamp lengths from 26.3 cm (10.35”)
Easy to handle

Thick quartz tubes protect lamps and water

5x the thickness of conventional quartz sleeves
Built to avoid risk of broken glass or mercury in water, in the unlikely event of breakage
4-minute lamp replacement
•The Quick Connect™ tool that comes with the unit makes lamp replacement quick & easy



Comparing the size of traditional UV lamp with short, thick Atlantium UV lamp below. 




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